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March 16, 2000
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March 18, 2000

You may have heard of oil pulling for good health. Those who are living a Paleo lifestyle are always looking for ways to be healthier! Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for things like detoxification and oral health. In most cases, it involves the use of pure oils such as coconut oil for pulling. Pulling is done to remedy harmful bacteria, fungus, and other destructive microorganisms out of the mouth, throat, teeth, and gums.

Performing an oil pulling can be very easy. A simple swish of coconut oil into the mouth and drawing it between the teeth for about 20 minutes and you are done! You put about one tablespoon of oil in your mouth. You then swish that coconut oil for about twenty minutes. Finally, you spit out the oil and then brush the teeth with a clean toothbrush and there you are done. A simple and calm procedure!

Why is oil pulling popular?

Oil pulling can be of greater importance to human health. Various research shows that oil pulling can cure many systematic diseases. This research is backed up by science. Oil pulling has substantial healing and cleansing effects. It also helps in the prevention of tooth decay and the strengthening of teeth, jaws, and the gums. It also inhibits bad breath, bleeding of the gums, and moistens dry lips to avoid dryness and successively hinder cracking of the lips.

Research on oil pulling has clearly shown that it reduces counts of streptococcus mutant bacteria which is a bacteria well known for contributing to tooth decay. The same research concluded that oil pulling can be used to effectively maintain and improve oral health. Correct and regular induction of oil pulling helps in the reduction of plaque. It reduces the chances of attack by aerobic microorganism with the plaque induced gingivitis. Oil pulling can be very effective in the cleaning of the mouth and significantly avoids bad breath as it reduces the microorganisms that are bound to cause it.

Oil pulling can help reduce plaque and gingivitis

Gingivitis is mostly caused by the inflammation of the gums and this usually happens when the body’s immune system attacks the bacteria in the plaque. It is a periodontal infection. If not attended to in the early stages it might cause tissue destruction and ultimately result in tooth loss. Oil pulling however, helps to deter this deadly disease and restores the body health.

Impacts of oil pulling on cavities

The researchers have studied the effects of oil pulling on the dental cavities. Oil pulling helps to reduce the counts of the bacteria that can lead to cavities. A study carried out by T. Durai Anand and C. Pothiraj showed that when oil pulling is induced into the mouth, there was a remarkable reduction in the total count of bacteria that causes dental cavities.

Give coconut oil pulling a try!
James Christopher, Creative Writer